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“Overflowing urinals”, cockroaches and sickness claims from Memories Flamenco Beach Resort

In the first half of 2019, several guest TripAdvisor reviews from Memories Flamenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco, Cuba have heavily criticised conditions at the all-inclusive premises. One reviewer says that adults and children became infected with E.Coli and Shigella.

Katelin, posting a review in April after a February stay with family, says the resort was let down by poor hygiene, which left members of her family suffering from the debilitating symptoms of food poisoning:

“We brushed our teeth with bottled water only and drank only bottled water and yet my 6 year old returned with Shigella (bacteria) causing vomiting, fever and diarrhea, my mother contracted E. Coli and my 3 yr old came down w a horrible case of hand foot mouth AND shigella.

Our whole party went on a course of antibiotics to recover! Really early in the morning we saw staff members collecting water from the children’s pool. I can only imagine what that was used for? We saw cooks handling food with bare hands and there was never soap in the bathrooms and they were always dirty.”

Guests criticise sanitary conditions

Food preparation and sanitation has come in for heavy criticism from some recent reviewers. Sarand1986, from Fareham, claims that “The public toilets were disgusting, especially the men’s with urinals overflowing. The ladies constantly ran out of toilet paper and no more was available.”  Other reviewers in March and April describe seeing cockroaches, ‘shards of glass’ in pizza and other guests saying they got sick from the food at the buffet.

Legal advice for all-inclusive holidaymakers

Wherever you choose as a package holiday destination, if basic hygiene standards are not met,  you are at risk of becoming unwell.  In these cases, it is not enough to simply dismiss sickness among paying customers as “going with the territory”.  Our solicitors have helped hundreds of holidaymakers in Cuba claim compensation after their complaints to the tour operator were rejected.  We’re ready to speak to anyone who has had a stay at the Memories Flamenco Beach resort ruined by illness.

For your claim to be successful, it will be necessary to prove that on the balance of probability:

  • You were ill
  • You became ill as a result of poor hygiene at the hotel or from eating contaminated food, as opposed to any other possible factors
  • You did not consume food or drink outside the hotel complex prior to becoming ill

We have years of experience in putting forward the best possible case for our clients, but any evidence you have that helps demonstrate the criteria above assists the prospects of a successful claim.

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