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Briton alleges food poisoning at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya amid complaints of raw and undercooked food

A British guest at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort & Spa has alleged that they contracted a holiday illness after eating contaminated food provided at one of the ten restaurants on the complex.

Posting on TripAdvisor as 1738apx  (a three-time contributor to the site), the Brit says that “Food in the buffet is varied…. in temperature.  Food poisoning was diagnosed on the return to the UK in the form of Campylobacter…” and goes on to warn potential guests, “You can’t see campylobacter, smell it or even taste it on food. But if it affects you, you won’t forget it trust me on that one.”

Campylobacter is a bacterial infection that can cause violent and sometimes bloody diarrhoea, painful stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.  The symptoms typically last about a week, but can drag on for longer periods.  If you are affected at any point during your holiday, it’s likely that your activities thereon will be severely restricted given the nature of the symptoms.

If you have contracted an illness on holiday that you can prove was caused by a hotel, restaurant, or third party’s negligence, you may be eligible to make a food poisoning claim. Trust Holiday Claims Bureau with your claim, contact us today on 0161 813 2131 or use our contact form.

Advice on Campylobacter

Very often it can be spread via raw or undercooked meat, especially poultry.  The Food Standards Agency provides straightforward advice on prevention of campylobacter:

  • keep raw chicken chilled
  • when preparing make sure it is cooked through and piping hot
  • stop cross-contamination by ensuring that raw poultry does not come into contact with food that is ready to eat or the utensils used to handle that food.

TUI give the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya an official 5-star rating and describe it as the “lap of luxury”, as part of their Platinum collection of packages based in premium hotels.  A number of recent guest reviews from the resort unfortunately suggest that hygiene standards are currently far from premium, and if some of the observations made are correct, it is little surprise that customers are having their long-haul luxury stays ruined by gastric illness or even suffering distressing symptoms on their return home.

Chicken “dripping with blood”

John W from Leicester says that  “…at the lunchtime snack bars we witnessed chefs serving food from the grill using the same tongues they were picking the raw meat up with. My wife had some chicken from the grill one day and when she cut into it she found it was still raw in the middle.” These problems are echoed by more returning guests this summer:

” I traveled here with 5 members of my family aged between 2 years old to 65 years and all I can say do not book this hotel if you like properly cooked food without flies ”  Luke H

“…as regular visitors to the Sirenis over the years we have noticed that the quality of service at the Sirenis has gone down to regular holiday makers.” UKTravellerYorksire

“We ate lunch the first day in the beach bbq – beware as the chicken was raw – it was disgusting – we didn’t go there again my son was very ill after eating here…The food in the buffet restaurant isn’t much better – none of it is hot – in fact not even warm.”- AJD4, Bolton

“Worst service ever”

“We currently have membership with Sirenis but we received the worst service ever….Received raw uncooked chicken twice with dripping blood, the third time it came it was burnt. ”  baba1272018 

We are keen to speak to any package holiday customers staying at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya who have been ill or who may be able to assist.  Those suffering sickness and its associated expenses as a result of food hygiene failures should be fairly compensated by the Tour Operator.  For your claim to be properly assessed, it’s recommended that you seek independent legal advice; it’s unlikely you will receive a fair award just by reporting your illness to the tour operator, though we always recommend you do this as soon as you can.

Learn more about your potential campylobacter holiday illness claim.

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Briton alleges food poisoning at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya amid complaints of raw and undercooked food
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