Have you had medical treatment abroad and something has gone wrong?

Medical negligence abroad claims

Cases of medical negligence abroad may occur when tourists are injured in accidents or fall ill and something goes wrong with their medical treatment. As well as this, increasing numbers of British citizens also seek out specialised procedures or cosmetic surgery that is either unavailable or unaffordable in the UK.

When cases of medical negligence arise overseas, those affected may feel helpless in knowing where to start in negotiating a legal minefield in a foreign country. Medical professionals worldwide, including cosmetic surgeons, have a duty of care to their patients.

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Our team of Holiday Claims Bureau solicitors, led by Michael Walker, are experienced in handling overseas medical negligence cases, including:

  • Failed dental treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery failure and negligence
  • Failures in hospital treatment while on holiday
  • Sub-standard medical care abroad
  • Accidents on the site of the medical facility

Michael says:

“In many cases, medical treatment in an unfamiliar environment can be an anxious experience in itself.  When something then goes wrong it’s deeply distressing for all concerned.

We take pride in representing the victims of medical negligence from submitting your claim to the correct body, accessing to a highly-qualified panel of medical experts to litigation and negotiation with legal representatives overseas.”


The majority of countries worldwide have bodies overseeing the standards for medical professionals in that country; in the EU, there are clear standards to be adhered to, which apply in the UK,  otherwise there may be a case of medical negligence to answer.  Countries outside the EU also have medical governing bodies and if negligence occurs there you can still make a claim.  However, the standards will be those which apply to that country, not those which apply in the UK.

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Medical negligence abroad claims

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Our tips to help you claim

Here are a few examples of the different types of evidence your solicitor may ask you to provide if available:

  • Medical evidence, for example the contact details and address of the medical establishment you have attended
  • Any receipts/invoices for medical care or treatment you have received
  • The contact details of anyone who could act as a witness
  • Any photographic evidence of injuries or the medical facility
  • Any email or documented evidence you can provide to show that issues were reported abroad, or upon your return to the UK


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