Coral Beach Village Hotel Holiday Claims

Coral Beach Village Hotel Holiday Illness Claims

If you have had your holiday ruined by illness or injury at the Coral Beach Village Hotel, we can help you to make a successful claim for compensation.

Avoid accepting compensation from the tour operator without seeking expert advice

British all-inclusive holidaymakers are, in some cases, unaware of their right to claim and instead of taking legal action, attempt to take matters into their own hands by lodging a formal complaint directly with the tour operator. The tour company may sometimes offer vouchers or substantially lower forms of compensation that don’t take full account of the ordeal you’ve been through.

At Holiday Claims Bureau, we recommend seeking expert advice directly from an experienced solicitor who will access your claim and inform you of the compensation you may legally be entitled to for the pain and suffering the illness or injury has caused you, as well as any loss of enjoyment or financial loss you have suffered.

Supporting a claim against Coral Beach Village Hotel

If you are considering making a claim after a stay at the Coral Beach Village Hotel, here is a quick checklist of the different types of information your solicitor may ask for to support your claim:

· A copy of any photographs that could help to show what might have caused your illness or injury

· The name and details of the medical establishment you have attended, whilst abroad or upon your return to the UK

· The contact name and details of any other holidaymakers you exchanged details with who had also been taken ill

· A copy of any receipts for any medical care or treatment you have received

· Any correspondence you can provide between you and the tour operator or hotel

Speak to a specialist No Win No Fee holiday illness solicitor

At Holiday Claims Bureau, our expert team of package holiday solicitors have years of experience in successfully recovering thousands of pounds of compensation for British holidaymakers.

We will explain the claims process and how we can help you to recover the maximum compensation you may be entitled to on a No Win No Fee basis.

No Win, No Fee entitles you to make a claim without having to pay any upfront costs and if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a single penny. If we win your case, your solicitor will recover no more than 25% of damages to cover the costs of their legal fees. No Win No Fee, no risk to you.

Discover how much your claim is worth today

For more information and to discover how much compensation you could be entitled to, speak to one our experienced holiday illness solicitors today by calling 0161 813 2131. You can also request a call-back by completing the online contact form and a solicitor will be in touch with you soon.

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