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Suffered Bed Bug Bites on Holiday?

Discovering bed bugs on holiday is not a pleasant experience and can sometimes result in medical attention being required during or following your stay. If you’ve had to deal with an infestation that has resulted in bed bug bites in your holiday accommodation, there’s a high chance that you can claim compensation.

If you have suffered from bed bug bites, it’s important you contact our specialist team of bed bug bite compensation claims solicitors straight away so we can handle your case and prevent others from suffering a similar unpleasant experience. Start your claim online.

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Bed Bug Bite Compensation Claims

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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs tend to come out at night and bite exposed skin. There are numerous signifiers of bed bug infestation to look out for when traveling abroad or in the UK.

  • Musty odours in the room of infestation
  • Bed bug faecal spots
  • Egg shells
  • Blood stains on the pillowcases or bed sheets

It is important that bedbugs are kept under control as they can easily be transported through luggage, furniture and clothing.

Hotels both in the UK and abroad, should be carrying out regular checks on mattresses within their hotel to ensure the room does not become infested with bedbugs. Unfortunately, these procedures are not always followed by hotels therefore, visitors are exposed to the risk of bed bugs.

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From recovering the cost of your holiday and loss of earnings, to travel expenses, incurred medical costs and beyond, the team at Holiday Claims Bureau has extensive experience in dealing with compensation claims, as a result of bed bug bites in the UK or abroad.

As trusted holiday claim solicitors, we will seek to recover any losses on your behalf. We have the expertise to deal with compensation claims as a result of bed bug bites in the UK and abroad.

If you or a member of your party sustained bedbug bites at a package holiday hotel, then you could have grounds for a No Win, No Fee compensation claim against the tour operator.

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Bed Bug Bite Compensation Amounts

When bed bug compensation claims are considered, the potential compensation you might receive depends on a thorough assessment of your unique circumstances, ensuring that the final awarded amount accurately reflects your specific situation.

When looking to secure fair compensation for bed bugs in a hotel, resort, or through a tour operator, trust Holiday Claims Bureau to handle your case. Seek the expert advice of our bed bugs solicitors by calling 0161 813 2131 or completing the Start Your Claim form online.

£1,700 - £3,950

Bed bug bites cause itching, irritation or a rash that can be resolved in a few weeks or up to three months. Compensation for bed bug bites can range between £1,700 - £3,950, depending on severity.

£2,300 - £7,800

Bed bug bites produce noticeable scars. Upon considering the evidence, bed bug bite compensation claims can be awarded between £2,300 - £7,800. Bed bug bites on the face can result in higher awards.

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Can you sue a hotel for bed bug bites?
Bed bugs are a growing problem in the hotel industry both in the UK and abroad. They are unpleasant, distressing, and can result in significant discomfort and even scarring. If you have suffered bed bug bites, it is crucial that you contact our specialist team of bed bug bite compensation claim solicitors straight away so we can take instructions from you and prevent other travellers from suffering a similar, unpleasant experience. If you have suffered from bed bug bites, call us today on 0161 813 2131 or Start Your Claim form online
How do you know if bites are from bed bugs?

Identifying bed bug bites can be challenging, as their bites look similar to those of other insects and can vary from person to person. However, there are some common signs that may suggest bed bug bites:

Appearance of Bites:

Bed bug bites often appear as red, itchy welts or bumps with a central puncture mark. They may be arranged in clusters or lines, commonly in a row or zigzag pattern.

Location of Bites:

Bed bug bites tend to occur on exposed areas of the body during sleep, such as the face, neck, arms, hands, or legs. Bites may be found in areas where the skin is in direct contact with bedding or furniture.

Itching and Swelling:

Bed bug bites are typically itchy, and the itching can be intense. Some people may experience mild to moderate swelling around the bite area.

Delayed Reaction:

The reaction to bed bug bites may not be immediate; it could take a few days for symptoms to appear.

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