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UK Salmonella outbreak linked to chicken products – hundreds of infections, at least one death
Chicken products

Chicken sold at supermarkets including Sainsbury’s has been the subject of several recalls by the Food Standards Agency as almost 500 Salmonella infections have been reported.  At least one person has died. Cases date back to January 2020, with at least a third of those infected requiring hospital treatment, with more than 200 being children.  […]

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Bedbugs compensation claims – our recent successes
Bedbug bites

We are proud to lead the way in securing bedbugs compensation for those who endure the misery of infestations in hotels, caravans and rented accommodation. Holiday Claims Bureau have had quite a bit of recent success in this field and in almost all cases guests were told that the accommodation provider did everything they could, […]

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Which? Investigation reveals ‘filthy’ state of rooms in major UK hotels
hotel towels

An undercover study carried out by consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that rooms in leading UK hotels are being left in a ‘filthy’ state for guests.   Utilising swab tests, UV lighting and advanced germ-imitating chemicals, inspectors discovered fittings riddled with germs as well as residual blood, faeces and hair.  Many rooms that fell foul of […]

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Road Accidents abroad: our latest client success stories
road accident abroad

Dealing with personal injury after road accidents abroad is often a stressful experience and victims can be left with a number of uncertainties: How do I claim? Who decides how much compensation I am entitled to? What if the Claim goes to Court? Who will help me get the treatment I need? Holiday Claims Bureau […]

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