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How long do I have to make a claim?

If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a holiday illness or injury due the negligence of the package holiday hotel, the law in the UK entitles you to make a claim for compensation within up to three years from the date the illness or accident occurred. However, call us as soon as you can; the fresher events are in your mind, the better.

How much compensation can I claim?

Holiday illness claims vary from between £700 - £40,000 compensation dependent on the severity and circumstances of your claim. The quickest and easiest way to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to is to speak directly to one of our highly qualified experienced holiday illness solicitors.

Will I have to pay anything towards my claim?

All the claims we handle are on a No Win, No Fee basis. There are no upfront costs or legal fees that you will have to pay throughout the claims process. If your claim is successful, your solicitor will be paid no more than 25% of the claim and you will be awarded the compensation you are legally entitled to in full. Even if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a single penny, allowing you to make a claim with confidence and one of the UK’s most reputable solicitors on your side.

Can I still make a claim if I booked a package holiday through a non-UK tour operator?

The Package Travel Regulations Act 1992 in the UK entitles British holidaymakers to pursue claims for compensation for non-fault holiday illness and accident compensation claims. If your holiday and accommodation was booked separately, we will need to access the eligibility of your claim and recommend you speak directly to one of our expert holiday illness solicitors to find out how we can help.

Can I make a claim on behalf of a Family member or friend?

Anyone in your Family or group who fell ill or was involved in an accident on a package holiday is entitled to make a claim for compensation. Providing you have their consent, they are over the age of 18 and can provide us with their own instructions you we will help them to make a successful claim for compensation. If a member of your Family or group lacks mental capacity, it is important to make us aware so that we can help you to become their ‘litigation friend’ for you and us to act on their behalf.

Can I claim on behalf of a child?

If the child you are wishing to pursue a claim for is under the age of 18, yes you can. Providing you are a Parent, guardian, Family member or friend, you will be able to act on the child’s behalf as their ‘litigation friend’. For more information about how we can help you to act as ‘litigation friend’, contact us today to receive expert legal advice and help to pursue a successful compensation claim for them.

How long does the Claims Process Take?

Once your Claim is formally submitted to the Tour Operator, they have up to 6 months to investigate and decide whether they admit or deny liability. From there the duration is dependant on whether we need to fight your case for you; this is where, using the expertise of our specialist solicitors, supported by expert witnesses and advocates, we will work diligently to maximise the prospects of a positive outcome. Tour Operators may sometimes be open to making early offers of settlement, though typically from submission to completion, a Claim may last anything between 6 and 24 months

Let us help you with your holiday illness claim

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