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Brits tell of “violent” sickness bug at Fort Arabesque Resort, Egypt

Holiday Claims Bureau have been alerted to accounts of several UK package holidaymakers being struck down with gastric illness at the Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas in Hurghada, Egypt.  Holiday Claims Bureau are assisting clients who also recall numerous guests falling ill during their stay at the hotel. We are now working with travellers to file food poisoning compensation claims under our No Win No Fee guarantee.

If you have suffered a similar situation in this region, please get in touch with Holiday Claims Bureau on 01618132131 or start your claim directly with us through our online form.

Painful stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea befell the couple early in the holiday and their activities were severely restricted for the rest of the stay.

In the first instance, tour operatives and hotel staff are keen to insist that instances of illness are nothing to do with hygiene systems at the complex, and our client states that they were simply told by their rep that “..everyone gets ill in Hurghada.”   The Tour Operator has a responsibility for the performance of a package holiday, including the food and drink provided as part of the all-inclusive package.  If there is an outbreak of illness, appropriate steps should taken and that guests are kept properly informed.  TripAdvisor reviews from summer 2018 and earlier suggest that there have been instances of gastric illness reported for some months and that hygiene at the all-inclusive restaurants is not meeting the standard that the hotel claims in their responses to reviewers.

“The food keeps coming out lukewarm”

A sample of recent reviews posted about the Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas hint at recurring problems with gastric illness at the resort, with separate British visitors in August 2018 remarking that “The buffet restaurants were chaotic and the stomach bug reviews prior to arrival were very off putting.” and “…we both ended up with this dreaded stomach bug and are still suffering now at home.”

Other reviewers recount issues with food hygiene and sickness:

“In the end we couldn’t face the dreadful smell in the restaurant so we ate from the grill bar a choice of pizza or pasta.

“On day 2 I had stomach problems…Here for me could lie the problem. The food keeps coming out lukewarm. Personally I like my hot food hot as it should be. So many times , in fact probably about 80% of the time this was not the case.”

“4 days of this holiday were wasted to a particularly violent sickness bug.”

Our tips

Our Litigation Executive Lucy Bevis has the following tips for anyone visiting the Fort Arabesque Resort, Spa & Villas who has become ill after consuming the food provided on an all-inclusive basis, whether you are still out in Egypt or have returned to the UK:

” It’s not always possible to know if a specific dish you ate might have caused your illness; however, it’s a good idea to have a think about anything you noticed in the food you ate that was wasn’t quite right and note this.  If there was something visibly wrong with a dish you’d partially consumed, you may have taken a photograph.  Make sure that you take appropriate steps to address your symptoms; the NHS online has advice on sickness, diarrhoea and food poisoning.

Find your tour rep and report your illness; obtain a copy of the report.  If you’re back in the UK, notify the Tour Operator directly.  Get together any evidence that helps: 1. prove that you were ill and 2. show that there were problems at the resort.  Finally, if you can, keep the names of hotel and tour staff you speak to about the illness, and exchange details with any other guests you meet who have been similarly affected.

If you wish to pursue a claim, get in touch with us at Holiday Claims Bureau. We have of expertise in assessing and evidencing every claim on its proper merits; the Tour Operator and its insurers are unlikely to do so in the first instance.  Where liability is disputed, we know the arguments that the tour operators will make and we are committed to fighting your corner to give you the best possible chance of claiming the damages you are due.”

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Brits tell of “violent” sickness bug at Fort Arabesque Resort, Egypt
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