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Food safety blasted as visitors fall ill at “rundown” Hotel RIU Republica

Spring guests are sharing their dismay after sickness blighted holidays at Hotel RIU Republica in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic which carries an official ‘5-star’ rating. Holiday Claims Bureau encourages any travellers faced with a similar holiday experience, to get in touch and file a food poisoning compensation claim.

A TripAdvisor review posted by user buckeyegirl10 claims that her March holiday experience with friends was “a disappointment”:

“There was such a lack of customer service and the swim-up pool was filled with urine as the water was very cloudy and the area smelled strange. Everything (except the steakhouse which was not good) is based on some sort of buffet which looks great to the eye but is horrible to the taste. We paid for an all- inclusive and drank beer and ate french fries most of the week. Two of the girls got food poisoning as well from the Asian Restaurant.”

Cleanliness “Appalling”

Fellow reviewer curlgirlevans describes the hotel as “rundown” and  more recently, Jot Maini says that food was sometimes improperly prepared, with chicken “undercooked” and salad and fruits not appearing to be fresh.  April holidaymaker Elle B claims the conditions led to illness within her party:

“Many people in my group got sick from either the food they are serving or the drinks. The cleanliness of the dining areas is appalling. I had to search for a clean plate. Many plates had food residue on them from previous guests.”
Ill at the RIU Republica? Our tips
The team at Holiday Claims Bureau are ready to help UK tourists who have become ill as a result of adverse hygiene at the Hotel RIU Republica. As with any Claim, your evidence will be important to the prospects of any potential claim for compensation.  With this in mind, you should:
  • Formally report your illness to your tour representative (and obtain a copy)
  • Seek appropriate medical attention
  • Document, and if possible, photograph any problems you observe with food or general hygiene
  • Keep any packaging and receipts for medicines you purchase
  • Keep in contact with other people you have met on holiday

So that we can assess whether you could be entitled to compensation, get in touch with our expert team.  Our solicitors have years of experience in assisting British visitors to the Dominican Republic.  Call call us today on 0161 813 2131 or use our contact form to arrange a call back.

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Food safety blasted as visitors fall ill at “rundown” Hotel RIU Republica
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