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Guests report sickness outbreak at Fergus Club Europa over 3-month period

Holiday Claims Bureau have received reports of an outbreak of gastric illness at Fergus Club Europa,  a family hotel in Majorca. We are now helping these holiday makers fight for the compensation they deserve for their food poisoning claims.

Reviews of visits in September and October on TripAdvisor, and posted responses from the hotel suggest that an outbreak occurred late in the holiday season.  Kylie, visiting in October this year, says that she became aware of the problem after her children fell ill:

“Our issue is that our two children were sick with gastroenteritis, we saw a couple of small signs around the hotel saying there was an outbreak. Then we saw several children being sick in the main dining room – we avoided it after that. We felt very upset that we weren’t warned or made aware of this by the staff immediately – especially as we had young children.”

The hotel respond to the reviewer, confirming an “unfortunate outbreak which has affected several areas on the island.”

Lily, a September guest alleges that “numerous guests” had “food poisoning” but was provided with a generic response.   In this instance, the hotel responded to state that, “…not only the hotel but also people in Paguera suffered the consequences of an unfortunate Norovirus outbreak, all the information gathered was properly displayed for our guests’ knowledge and additional hygiene measures taken.”

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“We were never informed”

Ellie, also visiting in September, claims she received conflicting information once illness in her party was reported:

“Both our husbands were extremely unwell with D and V. We reported this to the hotel management at the time and they told us that no one else in the hotel has had this, then they told us that the hotel has had Norovirus for the past two weeks, and yet, we were never informed of this.”

Norovirus is spread very easily, from contact between infected people or by coming into contact with food or surfaces that have been touched by an infected person.  It typically causes short-lived vomiting and diarrhoea symptoms which resolve in a few days without further complications. It’s difficult to completely eliminate the risk of people catching the virus, but several basic measures can be taken to prevent it spreading.  Alcohol-based hand gels do not kill the virus.

If episodes of illness are indeed viral rather than through guests ingesting some other food-borne pathogen, then hotels should demonstrate that the following actions were carried out when they became aware of the outbreak:

  • that appropriate hygiene steps were taken to prevent a spread of the illness
  • that they communicated details of the outbreak to resident guests and provided appropriate advice

The tour operator representatives at the hotel should also communicate with the the Tour Operator so that imminent guests are aware of any health issues.  Back in August this year, site member unhappyguest782018, from Newcastle, claims that the response to instances of vomiting was inadequate:

“…one evening a child was sick in the restaurant in front of us and staff only mopped floor…no sanitiser used and to my shock another guest soon after offered same table to dine … that evening my young son 18 month took ill and vomited in room during night. I again notify staff and kept my son in the room only to not have room cleaned and only two beds made no new bedding or sheets for rest of room.”

Holiday Claims Bureau travel litigation specialist Tracy Stansfield says:

“Part of the appeal of package holidays is that your dining and sleeping arrangements will be looked after so you can concentrate on enjoying the resort and relaxing.  Not all holidaymakers are in a position to travel regularly.  The Tour Operator needs to make sure that hygiene systems are being implemented in the accommodation which forms part of the package they sell.  They should also communicate with hotels so that they can keep forthcoming visitors informed of illnesses that have recently affected a number of guests at the destination hotel prior to their visit.”

What should I do?

If you and/or other members of your travelling party have been stricken by illness as a result of of inadequate hygiene practices at this hotel, we would recommend that you:

  • Seek medical attention at the earliest opportunity
  • Stay hydrated
  • Report your illness and any hygiene concerns to the Tour Representative, or if you have returned to the UK, to the Tour Operator
  • Keep evidence of any expenses arising from your illness (eg medication costs, taxis to hospitals/clinics, loss of earnings)
  • Document and take photographs of any hygiene problems you identify at the resort
  • Stay in touch with, and keep contact details for, anyone else you talk to at the resort who has experienced similar symptoms
  • Seek legal advice
  • Keep hold of your booking documents, payment confirmation and ATOL certificate

What we can do to help

Our specialist solicitors could help you secure the award you deserve if your holiday was ruined at the Fergus Club Europa.

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Guests report sickness outbreak at Fergus Club Europa over 3-month period
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