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Holiday Claims Bureau Wins £2,000 For Falling Downstairs in Ibiza

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Imagine waking up excited for a day in Ibiza, only to have it dashed by a nasty fall down wet, unmarked stairs.

If you’ve been injured on holiday due to someone else’s negligence, Holiday Claims Bureau can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. We’ll stand in your corner, ensuring your experience doesn’t go unheeded. Contact us today and turn your holiday injury blues around with the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Sian Rutland was staying at the TUI Blue Tarida Beach resort in Ibiza, Spain. As she woke up and went to get breakfast, she slipped down a set of marble stairs, which were left wet when a cleaner had mopped the stairs without leaving any wet floor signs.
As a result of the slip, Sian suffered bruising to her head along with soft-tissue injuries to her ankle. This ruined the remainder of Sian’s holiday, and she was unable to enjoy the amenities of the resort, which she had been looking forward to.

Falling down a flight of stairs has the potential to ruin a holiday. Whether it’s a slip on a wet surface or a stumble down a flight of stairs, such accidents can quickly turn a dream getaway into a nightmare. Holiday Claims Bureau encourages you to get in touch immediately to file a slip, trip, and fall claim against a hotel, if you’ve been the victim of a fall that was not your fault. A similar situation happened to our client who fell down a flight of stairs in Ibiza.

Holiday Claims Bureau Instructed

Following the accident, Sian reported her injuries to the hotel, which promptly placed a wet floor sign, and she also reported the incident to TUI. However, TUI’s response was not forthcoming and so Sian felt there was no other option than to instruct our expert team at the Holiday Claims Bureau in order to make a claim for compensation.

We argued that the hotel had failed to follow proper safety protocols by failing to provide adequate warning that the stairs were wet, and that their disregard for basic safety measures presented a clear danger to holidaymakers. Following negotiations with the holiday company, the Holiday Claims Bureau were able to secure £2,000 in compensation for Sian.

Have you been victim of a similar slip, trip, or fall? Don’t let a slip-up derail your well-deserved break. Take action today and turn your unfortunate experience into a chance to get what’s rightfully yours. Contact the Holiday Claims Bureau and let’s discuss the merits of your case. Call us on 0161 813 2131 or if you are ready to begin your journey to compensation, start your claim online.

A Happy, Compensated Client

Sian said:

“I am happy to finally put this matter behind me. This was an avoidable accident that completely ruined my holiday experience. The Holiday Claims Bureau were fantastic in acting for me, keeping me updated through the process and achieving a resolution.”

An image of a woman with an injured foot

Michael Walker, acting on behalf of Sian, emphasised the need for holiday companies to make sure that hotels were following health and safety procedures. He highlighted the need for audits and for safety measures to be adhered to. He said:

“Hotels need to be aware of the dangers of slipping on wet surfaces, especially on stairways, and they need to make sure that clear signs are being placed so as to make sure accidents of this nature do not happen again”.

Let Holiday Claims Bureau Win You Compensation

Have you or your family member had an injury on holiday that isn’t your fault? The Holiday Claims Bureau can assist you with claiming the compensation you’re entitled to. Find out more information by talking to one of our team directly on 0161 813 2131 or start your claim online. Do not let your experience go unheeded, contact one of our legal experts and claim the compensation that you deserve.

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Holiday Claims Bureau Wins £2,000 For Falling Downstairs in Ibiza