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Holiday Illness Horror: Sickness Outbreak at Greece’s Apollonion Asterias Resort and Spa

A dream vacation turned into a nightmare for dozens of tourists as a luxurious tropical resort faced a widespread sickness outbreak. Just like a scene from a horror movie, guests reported witnessing vomit in the pool, rat droppings near sun loungers, and a cascade of illnesses that marred what was supposed to be a paradise getaway at the Apollonion Asterias Resort and Spa in Greece. Amidst the finger-pointing and blame-shifting, frustrated tourists are now demanding a thorough investigation into the cause of the outbreak and the resort’s alleged negligence.

If you are planning a getaway to the luxury tropical resort, Apollonion Asterias Resort and Spa in Greece, read our holiday illness compensation guide on how to claim for compensation in the event that you have fallen ill due to the negligence of the tour operator or the resort itself.

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Paradise Lost: A Vacation Gone Wrong

The sun-soaked brochure promised crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and an unparalleled level of luxury. However, what unfolded at this seemingly idyllic 5-star resort was far from what tourists had envisioned. Multiple guests recently reported falling seriously ill during their stay, with symptoms ranging from severe stomachaches and vomiting to high fever and fatigue.

In addition to the physical discomfort, visitors also encountered unsanitary and distressing conditions around the resort. Witnesses claim to have spotted rodent droppings near sun loungers and even in some food-service areas. The sight of guests vomiting in the pool added to the sense of dismay, leaving travellers questioning the hygiene standards and management practices of the resort.

Blame Game: Resort’s Response and Tourist Backlash

In an attempt to manage the situation, the resort administration swiftly pointed fingers at the tourists themselves, alleging that the outbreak was a result of guests not adhering to proper hygiene practices and failing to isolate when exhibiting symptoms. Resort representatives also suggested that some visitors might have brought the virus with them, inadvertently sparking the contagion.

However, this response was met with strong backlash from tourists, who argue that they were expecting a safe and sanitary environment in exchange for the premium they paid for their stay. Many visitors took to social media to share their harrowing experiences, posting pictures and videos that depicted the appalling conditions they encountered. As news of the outbreak and the resort’s alleged negligence spread, a growing number of affected tourists are demanding a thorough investigation to uncover the truth behind the incident.

Call for Transparency: Demands for an Investigation

The frustration and anger of the affected tourists are palpable, as they feel their hard-earned vacations were tarnished by what appears to be a lack of proper management and hygiene standards at the resort. Amidst the public outcry, calls for an independent investigation are gaining momentum. Tourists want answers to crucial questions: Was the resort’s sanitation protocol up to par? Were there any violations of health and safety regulations? Did the management adequately address guests’ complaints and concerns?

A comprehensive investigation could shed light on whether the outbreak was a result of external factors, the resort’s negligence, or a combination of both. It could also determine if the management’s response to the crisis was appropriate and timely. Ultimately, such an investigation could help prevent similar incidents in the future and hold accountable those responsible for the distress experienced by the affected tourists.

Claim the compensation you deserve

If you have been affected by the sickness outbreak at the Apollonion Asterias Resort and Spa, Holiday Claims Bureau’s team of expert holiday illness solicitors will help you to make a successful claim for compensation.

To strengthen your case, Holiday Claims Bureau recommends the following course of action when you suspect you were made ill by the negligence of either the tour operator the resort itself:

  • Collect Thorough Documentation: Gather travel dates, stay duration, and booking details.
  • Medical Records: Keep medical reports, prescriptions, and treatment receipts.
  • Visual Proof: Capture photos of unsanitary conditions and hygiene lapses.
  • Witness Statements: Obtain accounts from affected fellow guests.

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Holiday Illness Horror: Sickness Outbreak at Greece’s Apollonion Asterias Resort and Spa
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