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Ian Wood’s £12,500 Aeroplane Injury Claim Success with Holiday Claims Bureau

Have you ever experienced an accident on a plane when embarking, or disembarking, an aircraft that caused you injury? At the Holiday Claims Bureau, we are here to help you understand your rights and guide you through the process of claiming the compensation you deserve for an accident that caused due to negligence. One of our recent clients, Ian Wood, had such an experience when disembarking his Emirates flight on his honeymoon.

Ian’s Plane Ordeal – A Regrettable Holiday Aeroplane Accident

In March 2022, Ian was departing the aircraft after it had arrived in the Maldives so he could celebrate his marriage. As he was disembarking, a fellow passenger ran past and knocked Ian causing him to lose balance.

An ankle injury due to an aeroplane accident on holidayIan’s ankle got caught in the gap between the plane and the flight stairs, which resulted in Ian losing balance and falling down to the ground, causing severe injury to his ankle and breaking his mobile phone too.

He was left in agony as he damaged his ligaments in his right foot. He required injections to prevent blood clotting in his foot. Ian’s honeymoon was ruined, and Ian was left unable to enjoy what should have been a momentous occasion.

Beyond the incident, Ian was left with pain and instability in his ankle, which affected him for months afterwards, and on occasion, Ian would fall due to the ankle instability.

If you have been involved in a similar holiday accident, it is important that you contact Holiday Claims Bureau armed with the information of how your holiday was affected and the detrimental effects the accident had on your health. Contact our expert team on 01618132131 or, if you are ready to initiate your holiday illness claim, fill out your details on our convenient online form.

Holiday Claims Bureau instructed

With an ongoing ankle injury, and his honeymoon wrecked, Ian demanded justice and so turned to the Holiday Claims Bureau for advice. We agreed to take on Ian’s case on a no win no fee basis, which meant there were no upfront costs.

The case was led by Michael Walker, a Partner Solicitor at Holiday Claims Bureau and a specialist in holiday accident claims. Mr Walker said:

“This was a serious case given how much the holiday meant to Ian and the injuries that followed through no fault of his own.

“Our team has extensive experience in handling such cases, and we worked tirelessly to obtain the relevant evidence in order to prove the accident occurred and to obtain a settlement that reflects the seriousness of Ian’s injuries.”

Medical Evidence Obtained & Final Settlement Reached

Ian's foot in a brace after an aeroplane accident

The Holiday Claims Bureau team obtained a medical report from an Orthopaedic specialist to support Ian’s case and provide a prognosis on our client’s condition.

Ian required care and assistance following the incident, and it was important that the medical evidence demonstrated the impact that the injuries had on Ian’s day-to-day living.

Once the medical evidence was received, we obtained evidence relating to our client’s losses, including the mobile phone that was damaged in the incident. We then entered into negotiations with the Defendant and agreed a settlement of £12,500.

After the claim was settled, Ian and his wife felt relief, thanking the Holiday Claims Bureau for their efforts, stating, “I really appreciate what the Holiday Claims Bureau has done.”

No Win No Fee – The Holiday Claims Bureau Promise

Experience the reassurance of our No Win No Fee promise at the Holiday Claims Bureau. If you or a loved one has been involved in an aeroplane incident or encountered difficulties during boarding or disembarking, our dedicated legal team is here to support you. With our wealth of expertise in handling such cases, we ensure that you receive the rightful compensation you deserve. Reach out to us directly at 0161 813 2131 for a complimentary consultation, or commence your claim process conveniently online. Let us navigate the path to justice and compensation together.

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Ian Wood’s £12,500 Aeroplane Injury Claim Success with Holiday Claims Bureau