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Quad bike tragedy as teenagers killed in separate incidents

Two British teenagers have been killed in separate quad bike accidents.

On 21 June, 19-year-old Jack Howe from Kent, and his three friends went out on hired quad bikes in Zante, Greece as part of their holiday.  Jack is said to have lost control of his vehicle and crashed.  He tragically died from the resulting injuries.

His family have since set up a JustGiving page to help bereaved families repatriate loved ones who pass away overseas.  You can view their successful crowdfunding campaign here.

The story on the page alleges that the boys were advised not to wear helmets as this would make them sweat, resulting in poor vision.

Teenage Daughter of leading financier dies

And on Monday Morning, Iris Annabel, the 15-year-old daughter of financier Ben Goldsmith was killed after an accident involving an all-terrain vehicle described as a cross between a quad bike and a jeep.  Iris is understood to have become trapped when the vehicle she was riding with a friend overturned on the family farm in Somerset.

A family friend told the Daily Mail: ‘This is the most awful accident. Iris was a complete firecracker – an absolute delight. Everyone in the family loved her to bits.

“She was beautiful, charming, intelligent, wonderful company and absolutely the loveliest person you could meet. ‘Ben and Kate are completely devastated.

“They are numbed to their core and united in their grief.”

Dangers of off-road vehicles

Accidents on these types of off-road vehicle are all too common.  Where young people are involved, the consequences can be life-changing or even fatal.

Factors that contribute to or may be an underlying cause in quad bike and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents include:

  • lack of formal operator training and/or experience
  • excessive speed
  • age of the rider
  • absence of appropriate head protection
  • inappropriate passenger carrying
  • excessive or unbalanced loads
  • tipping and/or loss of control on an uneven or sloping surface
  • poor maintenance eg faulty brakes, incorrect tyre pressure

Where operating an ATV is part of someone’s job, it is a legal requirement for their employer to provide appropriate training.

Quad bikes hired out on holiday should be properly maintained and in good working order.  Appropriate head protection should be provided.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says:

“The ratio of a child’s weight to that of the ATV is significant, as weight transfer is the key to safe handling.  In the event of an overturn, a child may be crushed by the weight of an adult-sized ATV. They may be unable to lift it off unaided.”

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Quad bike tragedy as teenagers killed in separate incidents
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