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Sun, Sand, and Sickness: Holiday Illness Reports at Jaz Aquamarine, Egypt

The Jaz Aquamarine Resort in Hurghada, Egypt, has been in the news recently due to a number of reports of food poisoning claims at the five star resort. In the latest incident, a family from the UK fell ill with diarrhoea, vomiting, and stomach cramps after staying at the resort.

The family’s holiday, booked through TUI, took a distressing turn as each member fell sick in succession. Clare Green, 38, one of the affected travellers, underwent treatment with intravenous antibiotics after being diagnosed with a bacterial infection.

The family pointed to potentially contaminated foods as the source of their illness. They told the media that there were flies around the food, and they were generally worried about the hygiene standards at the resort.

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Beware of holiday illnesses in Egypt

This is not the first time that the Jaz Aquamarine Resort has been linked to holiday illnesses. In 2022, there were a number of reports of tourists falling ill at the resort, including some who were hospitalised. Both TUI and Jet2holidays were contacted by specialist holiday illness solicitors seeking compensation for their clients as a result.

During the 2022 incident, a total of ten travellers were diagnosed with bacterial infections. Eight of them had tested positive for salmonella, while one was found to be suffering from giardiasis and the other from shigella.

There are also a plethora of Trip Advisor reviews that raise concerns about the hygiene standards at the resort and report that they were offered food on dirty plates.

If you have fallen ill at the Jaz Aquamarine Resort through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim compensation from the tour operator or the resort. Holiday Claims Bureau is a specialist holiday illness solicitors firm that can help you to make a claim. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, so you do not have to pay anything upfront. Call us today to start your claim or fill out our online claim form.

The risk of contracting a holiday illness can be reduced by taking certain precautions, such as:

  • Opt for Bottled Water: Stick to sealed bottled water to ensure your hydration remains safe and uncontaminated.
  • Avoid Ice Cubes: Refrain from consuming ice cubes as they might be made from tap water.
  • Practice Good Hand Hygiene: Regularly washing your hands with soap and water can significantly reduce the risk of bacterial transmission.
  • Mind Your Food Choices: Steer clear of raw or undercooked food items that could harbour harmful pathogens.

Contact Holiday Claims Bureau

If you find yourself falling ill during your Egyptian holiday, it’s crucial to prioritise your health. Seeking prompt medical attention should be your first step. Additionally, reaching out to a specialised holiday illness solicitor like the Holiday Claims Bureau can provide you with the necessary support to navigate the process.

Contact Holiday Claims Bureau by dialling our number on 0161 813 2131 or start your claim by filling out our online claim form.

To enhance the strength of your compensation claim, consider implementing the following actions:

  • Document Your Symptoms: Maintain a detailed record of your symptoms, including their onset, progression, and severity. This documentation can serve as valuable evidence in your claim.
  • Gather Medical Records: Obtain copies of your medical records, diagnoses, and treatments from the healthcare provider. These records can substantiate the extent of your illness.
  • Preserve Receipts: Keep a record of any medical expenses incurred, such as doctor visits, medications, and treatments. These receipts can contribute to your claim’s financial component.
  • Photographic Evidence: If applicable, take photographs of any unsanitary conditions or problematic areas within the resort that might have contributed to your illness.
  • Witness Statements: If fellow travellers or witnesses observed the conditions that led to your illness, their statements can add credibility to your claim.
  • Maintain Communication: Stay in touch with the Holiday Claims Bureau team. They can guide you through the claims process and provide timely advice.



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Sun, Sand, and Sickness: Holiday Illness Reports at Jaz Aquamarine, Egypt
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