22 Year Old Motorcyclist Victim Receives £58,000 Compensation Payout After Holiday Nightmare in Ibiza

22 Year Old Motorcyclist Victim Receives £58,000 Compensation Payout After Holiday Nightmare in Ibiza

Khaled and his friend touched down in Ibiza, embarking on what was meant to be a sun-soaked adventure. Little did they know that their trip would take an unexpected turn.

Choosing Playa d’en Bossa as their destination, the duo opted to explore the scenic surroundings on a rented motorbike. Khaled, having prior experience as a motorcycle owner, took the reins at the age of 22. However, their escapade took a harrowing turn when, out of nowhere, a car emerged from a side road, colliding with Khaled and sending him sprawling.

The impact left Khaled unconscious, prompting a concerned passerby to swiftly dial emergency services. The police and ambulance arrived promptly at the scene, finding Khaled in a distressing state—covered in blood and writhing in pain. Urgently, he was transported to the hospital via ambulance for immediate medical attention.

The extent of Khaled’s injuries became apparent as medical professionals assessed his condition. A fractured nose demanded immediate surgical intervention, while his left elbow had also suffered a fracture, requiring surgery back in the UK upon his return. Additionally, Khaled bore the scars of the ordeal on his face, with multiple wounds necessitating stitches. Bruises adorned his legs, knees, and back, painting a vivid picture of the ordeal he had endured.

Hospitalisation became Khaled’s reality for the next eight days, followed by a subsequent period of waiting until he was deemed fit to fly back home. The unfortunate incident in Ibiza had transformed a vacation into a tale of survival, with Khaled’s journey marked by pain, medical procedures, and the resilience needed to overcome an unforeseen calamity.

Holiday Claims Bureau Commence the Claim

Whilst in hospital, Khaled contacted the Holiday Claims Bureau to provide advice who agreed to represent Khaled under a no win no fee agreement, which meant he faced no up-front costs. Our expert solicitors are ready and able to take the call of any holiday maker who has suffered injuries due to a car accident abroad that wasn’t the claimant’s fault.

Khaled’s case was led by Head of Travel Litigation and Partner Michael Walker.

Michael explained “These are very complex cases, mainly because the accident happened in Spain and so Spanish laws apply. This particular case was made more difficult due to Brexit taking place whilst it was ongoing meaning Court proceedings were quickly issued in this country to avoid any possible jurisdictional issues.

Our team have extensive experience in handling accident abroad cases and have developed legal contacts throughout the world meaning we were able to instruct a Spanish lawyer to advise us on the issues of liability and the value of the claim”.

HCB Solicitor Obtains Expert Medical and Spanish Law Evidence to Secure Early Interim Payment

The Holiday Claims Bureau obtained a wide range of medical evidence to support Khaled’s claim which included medical reports from an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Spinal Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, ENT Surgeon and a Clinical Psychologist.

Khaled was continuing to suffer with difficulty breathing, as a result of his nose fracture and his nose was deviated as a consequence of the accident. The Holiday Claims Bureau team secured an early interim payment of over £12,000 to allow Khaled to undergo a septorhinoplasty procedure on a private basis. The surgery improved the appearance of Khaled’s nose and his breathing.

Final Settlement Agreed

Once the medical evidence was finalised, we entered into negotiations with the Solicitors for the Defendant. These are complex negotiations involving the application of Spanish law.

Ultimately, a settlement amount was agreed between the parties for £58,000.

Michael said: “This is a significant settlement for Khaled and will enable him to move on from this terrible experience during an important time in Khaled’s life whilst he was studying at university. We have been able to secure funding for and arrange the surgery he required, and we hope he can now look forward following this terrible accident.”

Khaled commented: “Michael and the team at Holiday Claims Bureau supported me every step of the way, arranging medical reports and treatment for my injuries. This has been a very difficult three years whilst I have recovered from the effects of my accident and I’m pleased with the help and support I’ve received during this time.”

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Khaled’s case has gained significant traction across the media, as can be seen in a recent article published by Manchester Evening News.

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22 Year Old Motorcyclist Victim Receives £58,000 Compensation Payout After Holiday Nightmare in Ibiza
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