Hot tub and spa pool illness claims

Hot tub illness claim

The hot tub and spa pool are a popular attractions on holiday parks, in hotels and as part of holiday rental packages.  While offering luxury and relaxation, if not properly maintained, they can provide an environment for organisms that are hazardous to human health to thrive.

Where chemicals are used for the sanitation of spa pools and hot tubs, it’s important that the correct concentrations are used, otherwise there is a risk of infection, irritation or even chemical burns.

Safety responsibilities

Proper disinfection and filtration of the water supply in pools and tubs is essential; where this fails, microorganisms (such as Legionella, which can be serious or even fatal to humans) can grow and rapidly infect the pool.

Most spas, treatment rooms and holiday properties regularly treat and maintain their pools to make sure they are safe for you to use.  In health spas, facilities should be scrupulously cleaned between client sessions to prevent bacteria or viruses being spread between users. They will have a duty of care to make such facilities hygienic and avoid risks to the health of users.  You also have a responsibility to use the facilities properly.

Seek expert legal assistance

If the worst happens and you or a loved one becomes ill or injured as result of improper maintenance of a spa pool or hot tub through no fault of your own, Holiday Claims Bureau can represent you in making a claim for compensation against the responsible party. We have successfully represented clients suffering legionnaires’ disease, gastric illnesses, burns, rashes and bacterial infections from pools, bathing facilities and hot tubs.

To see if we can help you make a No Win, No Fee spa pool or hot tub illness claim call our helpful team today on 0161 813 2131  or get in touch online.  We’ll discuss your potential claim with you, assess the prospects and take you through the next steps and likely timescales.




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