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Avalon Hotel Zakynthos – guests continue to share ‘sickness outbreak’ woes

Dozens of guests have been posting TripAdvisor reviews complaining of widespread sickness at the adults-only Avalon Hotel in Zante, Greece since MAY this year.

Jet2 currently offer all-inclusive packages at the 3-star Avalon, and a TripAdvisor is dotted with reviews from guests claiming that they had to endure uncomfortable symptoms and poor food standards including “cold” dishes and a restaurant swarming with flies, as others around the hotel suffered similarly.

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One reviewer says that that the Avalon had an “undisclosed” bug that had clientele “dropping like flies” during his August holiday:

“My gripe is, the utter lack of transparency to provide the clientele with the knowledge the bug is present prior to coming to the hotel, a duty of care to allow a somewhat informed choice in regards to coming or not”.

“It’s 4am, we have been symptomatic of this bug (headache, limb pain, diarrhoea and vomitting) for the past 5 days, I am awoken to the poor bloke in the next room hurling….15 people have come down with this today, that’s the ones that we encountered outside our room so God knows how many are confined to their rooms.”

He goes on to claim that when he called the Jet2 UK call centre, he was told that the illness was ‘new to them’, and says that other guests he met who called prior got the same reply.

“It’s like a mutiny here,” the reviewer says,  “…people are fuming and calling them relentlessly…either communication is poor or they are telling pork pies.”

“75% of guests” struck down

In another TripAdvisor review of an August stay, site contributor demontrucker alleges that the ongoing ‘bug’ is not an island-wide issue as he says the hotel claim, but a problem within the Avalon:

“I can tell you that nobody else that travelled in the wedding party and stayed at other hotels suffered any kind of illness throughout the duration of their stays, nor did anyone in their hotels that they were aware of, yet at the Avalon the local health or hygiene standard inspectors had insisted the Avalon install a number of hand sanitiser gel dispensers for guests to use to control the spread of the virus going around the hotel.

“We later learned the hotel was tested for norovirus but it wasnt detected, however gastroenteritis was. I estimate that about 75% of the guests that stayed at the Avalon for more than a couple of nights were struck down with this virus. Out of the group of 6 of us that stayed here, 5 of us became ill by day 3, with one of us remaining ill for the rest of the holiday and continued to be ill once back in England.”

“People are arriving, you see them for dinner and breakfast and then they disappear being sick.. awful.. owner is around but not talking much, hiding from the not covered, flies everywhere.. dogs and cats in the restaurant” – Jelena, who stayed at the Avalon Hotel in August 2019
Accounts of illness since May
The hotel are yet to reply on the site to any of the numerous reviews raising the issue of illness.  Gwendoline Y, who visited back in May, says that after one day at the Avalon, she began to suffer “violent sickness and diarrhoea”:
“I spent the 3rd day of my holiday on a drip for 8 hours at a local clinic. and then put on medication for 3 days which meant I could not eat or drink for the next 3 days, only watery soup.
On the Monday evening, after having an omelette plain I again was very ill. At 1pm on the same evening my husband was taken very ill with the same problem so we spent our last day at the day clinic again…this time my husband had a drip for 6 hours. we were home the next day, but whilst waiting for the airport transfer we were advised by a couple from Oldham that 7 other clients were ill in the hotel.”
Have you been ill at the Avalon Hotel in Zante?
It is concerning that these reports have been ongoing for a few months.  Hotels should take appropriate steps to manage and control any outbreak of illness at their premises, whatever the source and initial cause.
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Avalon Hotel Zakynthos – guests continue to share ‘sickness outbreak’ woes
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