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Child’s Holiday Injury Causes Havoc For British Family in Turkey

A British family named the Kilburns recently faced a challenging situation in Turkey after their 11-year-old son suffered a holiday injury by the hotel swimming pool during their vacation in Antalya. The family embarked on a week-long holiday that was unexpectedly disrupted by 11 year old Vinnie, suffering a broken leg. Vinnie required immediate medical attention, leading to a visit to a nearby hospital.

The family’s experience took an unexpected turn, leaving them shocked and outraged. As a result, they could be looking to take legal action against various parties, including the hospital in Turkey, EasyJet, the Turkish hotel, and their holiday insurer.

Painful Delays and Plane Predicaments

Vinnie’s broken leg was caused by a slip and fall near the hotel’s swimming pool, resulting in a broken leg that necessitated immediate hospital treatment. The family reported experiencing delays in Vinnie’s medical treatment as they awaited approval from their insurance provider.

After being transported to the hospital by ambulance and receiving an X-ray confirming the fracture, Vinnie did not receive any pain relief. This lack of pain relief continued until their insurance approval was granted.

After an initial hospital visit characterised by what they termed as “non-existent” care, Vinnie’s leg was splinted, but the hospital’s negligence resulted in him lying on a damp bed in wet clothes, devoid of proper pain management. Subsequently, upon establishing contact with their insurance provider, Vinnie was granted a ‘fit to fly’ certificate, with the family eager to board their originally scheduled Saturday morning flight home.

However, the insurance company intervened, insisting that Vinnie’s leg required recasting as it was considered “too long” for the flight, prompting another hospital visit. There, they encountered a surgeon who was appalled by the situation, advocating for a full-leg cast and immediate surgery, validating the family’s concerns about the prior hospital’s treatment. A new EasyJet flight was arranged for Sunday, but a lack of a suitable wheelchair for the ambulance transfer prevented Vinnie from boarding.

Despite their efforts to contact EasyJet’s duty manager, the family was transported to a different hotel, where Vinnie remained confined to a hotel bed. They were effectively stranded in Turkey with no recourse.

The unfortunate turn of events, and lack of care from insurance companies, has cast a shadow over what was meant to be a restful holiday, leaving the family longing to have the child assessed by NHS doctors and commence their rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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Finally home and recovering

The family are finally home after a massive ordeal, which involved starting a Go Fund Me page to gather the funding and expertise of those who were shaken by Vinnie’s story. Back on British soil in Leicestershire, the family have set their sights on winning compensation against their holiday insurer, Mayday Assistance.

The Kilburn family’s grievances with Mayday Assistance stem from a perceived lack of timely and compassionate assistance during their harrowing ordeal in Turkey. They assert that Mayday prioritised cost-cutting over Vinnie’s well-being, resulting in delays in obtaining pain relief, misguided recommendations for recasting Vinnie’s leg against medical advice, and poor coordination during repatriation.

The family contends that Mayday’s inadequate case management, coupled with a lack of timely communication, extended Vinnie’s recovery time and exacerbated their traumatic experience. They emphasise the need for better handling of such situations to prevent others from enduring similar hardships.

The Holiday Claims Bureau stands in solidarity with travellers who have faced distressing experiences like the Kilburn family during their vacations. If you’ve encountered challenges with insurers or holiday tour operators that have marred your trip and well-being, we encourage you to reach out to us. Contact us on 01618132131 or start your claim easily online through our claim form.

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Child’s Holiday Injury Causes Havoc For British Family in Turkey
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