Greece Travel Guide – The Ultimate Greek Holiday Advice

Greece Travel Guide – The Ultimate Greek Holiday Advice

Greece is a fantastic holiday destination, it’s world class beaches make it the perfect place to go on holiday and relax.

What is the best month to go to Greece?

  • July/August – If you can’t stand the thought of any more rainy summers in the UK, Greek summers are hot! During these months, you can expect temperatures in the mid-30s.
  • June/September – If you are looking for nice weather without the crowds of tourists which visit during the summer holidays, these months are a lovely time to visit.

Beyond these months, the weather is more unpredictable and you may encounter more frequent storms.

Travel to Greece from UK

The easiest way to get to Greece from the UK is by flying. Greece has 15 international airports including on most of the islands which makes flights to Greece common. Low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Jet2 and Ryanair all have frequent flights to Greece. All of the tour operators like TUI and On the Beach sell large numbers of package holidays making it a very popular holiday destination.

If you’re travelling to some of the smaller islands which don’t have an airport, taking a flight to Athens and then catching a ferry can be a cheap way of reaching some of the less touristy destinations.

What are the COVID restrictions in Greece?

Since 1 May 2022, you don’t have to show proof of COVID vaccination, a negative COVID test, or a certificate of recovery from COVID.

Greece as also very recently further eased some of the restrictions ahead of the tourism season. From 1 June 2022, visitors will no longer have to wear a face mask in airports and other indoor public spaces.

Food and drink in Greece

Trying the local food and drink is a highlight of any holiday.

Greek food is delicious and there are so many things which you can try. Tzatziki, houmous and souvlaki are always very popular. We would recommend trying a gyros pitta filled with lamb, tomatoes, onion and salad which tastes incredible.

Ouzo is obviously very popular in Greece and it wouldn’t be a holiday to Greece without trying it. Of course, there are many other drinks worth trying with local wine becoming more and more popular with many of the Greek islands producing wine and make sure you try a strong Greek coffee.

What to do in Greece?

1. Watersports

The coast of Greece offers so many options including waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing and jet skis. The options here are endless and are very popular when the sun is shining and the sea nice and warm.

2. Scuba diving

There are dive centres on all of the main islands and on mainland Greece. The water is very clear and there are plenty of caves to dive in although there is not an awful lot of tropical life.

3. Waterparks

Most of the Greek islands have a waterpark for those looking to throw themselves down a waterslide and enjoy the summer sun. If you’re travelling to Greece with children, they will love a trip to the waterpark which are well catered for little ones.

4. Relax!

The beaches in Greece are amongst the best in the world and there is nothing better than lying on a sun lounger relaxing and listening to the waves crash against the sand.

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Greece Travel Guide – The Ultimate Greek Holiday Advice
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