Seeking Compensation from Holiday Package Providers Explained

A holiday is meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but things can sometimes go awry. In the event of an unforeseen illness , injury or incident occurring during a holiday, the process of obtaining compensation for losses can be both inconvenient and disheartening.

It’s important to be aware of your rights when it comes to claiming compensation from the holiday package provider, tour operator or travel agent. Holding these organisations liable for damages you may have sustained is possible, but the process can be complex.

Contacting a specialist holiday compensation claims organisation that has the right solicitors in place to deal with claims from holiday package providers is the best first step you can take when seeking compensation.

Can I claim for a refund from a holiday package provider?

Lodging a formal complaint directly to the holiday package provider or tour operator may be possible. Contacting them directly and outlining your grievance is encouraged. If you receive a response from them that is unsatisfactory, consider contacting Holiday Claims Bureau to take your complaint further. 

Holiday Claims Bureau have heard directly from claimants that these complaints are routinely ignored. Claimants have told us that they have not received a response for an extended period of time or have not achieved the desired outcome.

After extended periods of awaiting a response, some claimants decide to forgo seeking compensation. This is an unjust outcome as those affected should receive the appropriate amount of compensation for incidents that were not their fault.

Contact the tour operator or holiday package provider and  express your concerns. Make sure to provide them with specific details about the issue and any supporting evidence you may have.

Can you sue a holiday package provider for not refunding your money?

If you have applied for a refund from the travel agency, holiday package provider, or tour operator and they have refused a refund, you could take legal action. 

To do this, you should consider contacting a specialist holiday compensation claims organisation –  like Holiday Claims Bureau –  that has the right solicitors in place to deal with claims from holiday package providers, tour operators or travel agencies. 

We can help guide you through the process of claiming compensation and help you navigate any legal complexities that may arise.

What evidence do I need to present to make a case for a refund from a holiday package provider?

To make a case for a refund from a holiday package provider, you will need to present evidence that demonstrates that your holiday did not meet the standards or expectations outlined in the package you purchased. This can include documentation such as:

  1. Your booking confirmation and the package details, which should outline what is included in the package.
  2. Any correspondence you had with the holiday provider prior to your trip, such as emails or letters, which can help demonstrate that you raised any concerns or issues you had before you travelled.
  3. Photos or videos of any issues or problems you encountered while on holiday, such as poor accommodation or facilities.
  4. Medical certificates or receipts if you became ill or injured during your holiday.
  5. Any other relevant documentation, such as receipts for additional expenses incurred as a result of the issues you experienced on your holiday.

It’s important to keep all the evidence, including all the correspondence you had with the company, from the time of the booking until the time you want to claim the refund, this will help to support your case.

What are my chances of receiving a refund?

A holiday package provider can find themselves subjected to a claim for damages in a range of areas, including breach of contract, personal injury and more. 

If you can demonstrate that the travel agency violated an express or implicit provision of the contract, you must demonstrate that your loss was caused directly by the violation of the holiday contract in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

It is essential to enlist the services of a qualified solicitor to provide advice and guidance on the desired amount of compensation. Holiday Claims Bureau operates on a No Win No Fee basis for all of the cases we take on. You can rest assured that we will try and win the maximum compensation owed to claimants. 

Depending on the circumstances and the type of package holiday booked, you may have legal rights and remedies for seeking financial compensation in your case. If you would like to speak to our expert team to find out more, you can either contact us via our claim online form or call us on 0161 813 2131.

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The Holiday Claims Bureau have helped thousands of people to receive the highest compensation payouts

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Seeking Compensation from Holiday Package Providers Explained
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