Injured in a waterslide accident on holiday?

Claim for injury suffered at a water park abroad

Water parks are becoming a  key feature of more and more package holiday resorts.  Many holidaymakers, particularly those with families and children, actively seek out such attractions when deciding on their holiday destination.  The increasingly large and spectacular structures become hugely popular with visitors.  Where there are problems with supervision of users, maintenance or design, there is a risk of accident injury.  Holiday Claims Bureau are here to help holidaymakers involved in a waterslide accident.

There are several reasons why accidents occur on waterslides.  Design faults and poor maintenance pose a risk of injury.  For example, if the running water within the slide is not properly managed, this can lead to a ‘blockage’ in the chute, increasing the chance of a user travelling at high speed colliding with the slower or stationary user. Cracks in the chute, poor finishing, inadequate inspection or cleaning and unsafe splash pools have all caused injuries to holidaymakers.  Larger structures with suction pipes and vents pose a great risk to riders if they are not properly maintained.

Management and supervision of those using the feature is equally important.  Lifeguards are usually stationed at the bottom of the slide to ensure proper conduct and orderly use. Attendants should ensure that users are descending the slide in the correct position and that multiple users are not coming down the slide in a ‘train’ position.  Attendants should not encourage riders to engage in potentially dangerous conduct, such as racing on the waterslide.

Given the speeds that users can exit the chute, the splash pool should be cleared so that collisions do not take place.  Height restrictions should be made clear, especially if young children are using the waterslide.  If mats are used on the slide, they should be in a condition which does not pose a risk of injury to the user.

How we can help

The specialist team at Holiday Claims Bureau have years of experience in pursuing claims on behalf of those injured after a waterslide accident. Injuries we have seen range from lacerations and abrasions to more serious injuries, including multiple fractures and head traumas. If you or someone in your travelling party is injured through no fault of their own and the slides you used were provided as part of the package holiday, you could pursue a claim for compensation in the UK under the Package Holiday Regulations.

However severe the injury, if you or a loved one is involved is in a waterslide accident you should:

  • Seek medical attention, even if you don’t think the injury is serious
  • Make sure that the accident is formally reported to your Tour Operator and Tour Rep – not just verbally to hotel or water park staff.  Make your version of events absolutely clear.
  • Tell the attendant straight away, so that if necessary the slide can be closed so no-one else is hurt.
  • Take the details of anyone else involved or witnessing the accident
  • If there is something visibly wrong with the slide structure, take a photo.  If a defect is not accessible, ask staff to take a photo.
  • Keep a record of any medical expenses, including any receipts.
  • Seek independent legal advice.  Be wary of accepting any offers (eg vouchers, upgrades) from the hotel or Tour Operator.

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Our tips to help you claim

Here are a few examples of the different types of evidence your solicitor may require you to provide:

  • Medical evidence, for example the contact details and address of the medical establishment you have attended
  • Any receipts of any medical care or treatment you have received
  • The contact details of anyone who saw the accident take place who could act as a witness
  • Any photographic evidence of the accident scene, or what caused the accident to happen
  • Any email or documented evidence you can provide to show the accident was reported whilst in resort, or upon your return to the UK
  • The contact name and details of the tour operator, tour representative and/or members of staff you reported the incident to whilst on holiday, or upon your return to the UK
  • Any receipts for any other financial loss or reasonable expenses you have incurred because of the injuries

The more information surrounding the circumstances of your claim you can provide, the higher the chance of your claim being successful.

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