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Holiday injury Claims

Have you been injured in an accident on a holiday abroad? Not your fault? You could be entitled to make a holiday injury claim.

We successfully represent clients suffering a range of injuries in accidents overseas, from cuts and bruises to life-changing injuries that require ongoing care and support.

Holiday injury claims that we offer legal representation for include:

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During the claims process, your solicitor will require you to provide all the evidence you have to support how the accident occurred, the nature of your injuries and who was at fault.

Providing the accident occurred in the within the last 3 years, you could be entitled to receive compensation.

Success story: £30,000 settlement after client slips on hotel steps >>

We pride ourselves on the service we provide for our clients.  As well as drawing on years of experience in giving you the best chance of making a successful holiday injury claim, we can also support you with any rehabilitation or care needs you may have during your recovery.

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Holiday injury claims

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Our tips to help you with your Claim

To help prove their negligence, here is a quick checklist for you to follow to help evidence your claim:

  • Any photographs that were taken at the scene of the accident or that caused the accident to occur
  • The contact name and details of the tour representative you reported the accident to whilst in resort
  • The contact details of the medical establishment you attended whilst on holiday, or upon your return to the UK
  • The contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Any receipts of any medical care or treatment you have received
  • Any receipts for any travel expenses or financial loss you have incurred

As with any claim, the amount of evidence you can provide plays a pivotal role in proving the accident and injury you have suffered was not your fault.

Make a Package Holiday Accident Claim with Confidence

At the Holiday Claims Bureau, our team of highly reputable, experienced package holiday accident claim solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling package holiday claims, having handled thousands of pounds worth of compensation for hundreds of non-fault package holiday accident claim victims across the UK.

Our unrivalled success rates is what differentiates us from any other package holiday accident solicitors, testament to the commitment of the team at Holiday Claims Bureau who are committed to ensuring you receive the highest compensation you deserve on a No Win No Fee basis.

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