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British couple take legal action after contracting dysentery at TUI Sensatori Barut

A couple from Norwich who travelled to the five-star TUI Sensatori Barut hotel in Fethiye, Turkey are taking legal action after they contracted dysentery. 

The hotel features on a TV advert for travel giant TUI.  But Mr and Mrs Greaves claim that despite TUI reps arranging a doctor’s appointment for them both and transport to the hospital, no one visited them to check their condition and on their return home, TUI ignored their calls and made them feel like an ‘inconvenience’.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mrs Greaves said “I think the behaviour towards us has been despicable.

“Every time I see their adverts on TV it makes me sick. We know the truth behind the glitz. People need to know what they are really like.

“They have no customer service or manners and it felt like they just want to fob you off, they advertise it as high end but when we were sent to hospital there was virtually no assistance.

“We were hospitalised under their watch. Now they have the cheek to suggest we are dishonest which is outrageous.

“It felt like the reps in the hotel treated our illness as an inconvenience, we could have been dead for all they cared”

Couple left on drips for hours

Mr Greaves, was the first to become unwell, followed by Mrs Greaves at the beginning of the second week of their holiday.

The following day, they spoke to the TUI rep who arranged for them both to see the onsite doctor. It was then they were both referred to the local hospital where they were put on drips and later summoned to a consultant who diagnosed them both with potentially deadly amoebic dysentery.

Entamoeba histolytica can exist in as free amoebae or as infective cysts in contaminated food and drink.  The cysts are surrounded by a protective wall which is resistant to the acidic contents of the stomach.

Mrs Greaves added: ‘The liaison who spoke English told us we have to stay in hospital for three to seven days because there is an amoeba bug in our systems which is contagious, I broke down crying.’

The couple returned to the Sensatori Barut hotel to collect their things, update the TUI reps and after returning to hospital, were both hooked up to drips for up to 12 hours a day for three days. 

‘Nobody from TUI came to see us, it was awful.

‘We were in constant pain on the drips and the nurses were quite rough and had trouble getting the needles in, so our arms were black and blue.’ Mr Greaves added.

After they were both discharged from the hospital, they were prescribed six strong antibiotic pills per day and spent the remainder of their holiday waiting to go home.

TUI “refused to hand over illness report”

On their return to the UK, Mr Greaves tried to report the incident to TUI who claims they showed no concern at all. He added “It was as if they couldn’t be bothered. It was almost as if they wanted to dismiss what had happened to us and acted as if I was an inconvenience – whilst we were in Turkey they refused to hand over our illness report.

He said: ‘We asked them the night before we left and then I had to keep asking them. in the end I had to sit in front of them until they handed it over.

A spokesperson from TUI said: ‘We’re sorry to hear that Mr and Mrs Greaves became unwell on their holiday. As this is now a legal matter, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

‘We’d like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all of the hotels we feature in respect of health and safety, including hygiene.

Tour operators have a legal duty for the performance of all-inclusive package holidays they promote.  This includes the hotel facilities and food; they should work with partner hotels so that customers can enjoy their holidays in a safe and hygienic environment.

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