Marconfort Costa del Sol: Hotel blames ‘airborne virus’ as scores report sick

Hotel management at the all-inclusive Marconfort Costa Del Sol in Torremolinos, Spain claim that an ‘airborne virus’ is responsible for a sickness and diarrhoea ‘outbreak’ which has been reported in numerous TripAdvisor reviews since July this year.

The hotel’s page on the review site has been inundated with guest reviews claiming that stays were spoiled by uncomfortable gastric symptoms.  

October visitor Min says that 2 of their group came down with ‘food poisoning’ on the final day of the holiday, but that the hotel restaurant said they were infected outside the hotel. 

“We informed them that no one from our group had eaten outside the Hotel as we are here all inclusive,” Min writes. “…Upon leaving for our flight another couple at the Hotel had said there [sic] 2 friends also had the same symptoms, Both friends visited the Dr samples taken and results Food Poisoning!” 

Replying on the site, Marconfort Costa del Sol manager Antonio M replies:

Replying on the site, Marconfort Costa del Sol manager Antonio M replies ©TripAdvisor
Reviews since July mention ‘sickness’ among multiple guests

Of course, hotels cannot prevent nor be held responsible for every instance of sickness and diarrhoea among guests.  However, regardless of the source of sickness within an all-inclusive hotel, there should be hygiene systems in place not only to prevent the onset of gastric illness, but also to manage and contain the spread of any outbreak, be it food-borne or viral, especially if illness has been a recurring problem over several months.  If your holiday is ruined by an unpleasant illness as a result of poor hygiene, it is perfectly reasonable to expect this to be investigated and, where applicable, appropriate compensation to be awarded.

October visitor Paul says that may guests were sick. ©TripAdvisor
September guest Charles says the hotel has a ‘major problem’ with food hygiene. ©TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor member Philip WB left a review for a stay back in July claiming that he witnessed poor hygiene practices:

“…staff hygiene practices is poor with food handling, dirty glasses, lipstick etc plus saw chef pick up cooked meat straight after uncooked with no glove change.

“Sickness rampant at this hotel .. avoid at all costs…LOTS of people are sick …”

Has you stay at the Marconfort Costa del Sol been affected?

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